Get the Results you Need with a Solution From Us

With more than 10million new businesses created in our target markets each year, statistics show that only a fraction of them get funding to scale. BAFCON’s business crowdfunding process enables entrepreneurs to raise capital from pre-vetted investors who are entrepreneurs themselves and know how to midwife an idea to market.

Proactive in Return Cycle

You can count on BAFCON Advisors to be founder-centric, proactive, and long-term in our returns cycle.

Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs

At Bafcon Advisors, we do more than raise money. We build community around your work.

our services

Use flat-fee crowdfunding with no commissions.

Crowdfunding Solutions

We have one of the best crowdfunding platforms for startups and entrepreneurs within the region. Get incredible networking opportunities and support for your business venture.

P2P Lending Software

Access information on lending sources, online applications, borrower profiling, lender comparisons, social networking, collaboration tools, and loan monitoring processes.

A Network for Everyone

We service a broad range of industries including Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Health Care, and more.

Quality Investors Only

Bafcon Advisors only works with high quality and accredited investors from all markets segments.